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I’m just what you need when you think your face is clean

I’m talking about the 7-in-1 Facial Massager & Cleanser. This is exactly what you need when you think your face is clean. Because your skin can be way more cleaner than you think! You can already buy this kit for only $9,50! Just continue reading, so you know how you can order this kit.

When you want to order the Facial Cleanser, you can already see the first benefit: this cleansing kit only costs $18,95. Normal Facial Cleansers are like $50, so this is already a big benefit. But, I already have an exclusive offer to give you 50% DISCOUNT SITEWIDE! Say what? That means that this Facial Cleanser wil only cost $9,50. Just click here: to get your coupon code. In my opinion this is a perfect present for Mothersday! Because of the compact design and size, it’s ideal for home or travel use. You can find the kit here:

As I said, most Facial Cleansers costs around $50. So is this ‘cheap’ Facial Cleanser a good one? Well I tested it, so I’ll share my results with you. You can find more great recipes and product reviews from our friends at the Village Bakery.

The massaging and cleansing kit consists 7 function massaging heads:
1. Crude polish accessor.
2. Latex soft spong.
3. Make-up sponge.
4. Rolling massage.
5. Short soft brush.
6. Long ultra-fine brush.
7. Prumice applicator.
They all have a specific function. Later in this blog I’ll tell you more about this function.

First clean your entire face with a mild facial cleanser. Then choose a massaging head and attach it to the massager. When the threatment is finished, switch of the unit and pull off the applicator. Rinse well with tepid water and pat dry with soft towel.

Lets start with head 1, the crude polish accessory. You can use this head to rip though skin and cutin off. Use it on wet feet for the best results. When I tested this head, my skin came off so quickly! The results are amazing

Head 2, short bristle brush, can be used to help remove makeup and dirt while exfoliating the skin. You can also apply a little of your favoriete cleanser on this brush for the best results. This brush feels really soft, so I really like to use this one.

Head 3, the make-up sponge, has a massage and cleaning function. You can use this head to massage your skin. You can also use this to apply your makeup or face lotions and serums. I’ve tested this with one of my face lotions and it works pretty good! You can clean this sponge pretty easily, but let it dry long enough!

Head 4 is one of my favourites. This rolling massager head can be used to improve blood circulation from skin aging. As I already said, this is a perfect present for mothersday! Also, this head can be used by teenagers in my opinion. Improving your blood circulation is never a bad idea. Actually, I also see this as a massage head. When you use this, it really feels like you get a massage on your face. So I don’t mind to use this head, it’s pretty relaxing.

Head 5 is a latex soft sponge. You can use this on face and body. On your face it’ll gently cleanse your face without too much exfoliating. You can also apply a little of your favourite cleanser on the brush.

Head 6, the pumice stone, can be used on feet as well. You can use it to slough off stubborn calluses. You get the best results when you use it on dry feet. My skin came off really fast with this head so I’m pretty happy with this one.

Head 7, the last one, is the long bristle brush. You can use this head for a more gentle way to remove makeup and dirt while exfoliating the skin. Head 7 looks almost the same like head 2, so I found it pretty confusion which one was head 2 and which one was head 7. Head 7 is a little bit longer, so that’s how you can see the difference. This head feels also pretty relaxing, so I’m really happy with this head as well.

Over all: I’m really statisfied with this massaging and cleansing kit. You can use it for over your whole body. I would really reccomend it. It’s really worth it’s price. Maybe it has a little less quality then one of $50, but you can save $41 with my coupon code by clicking here! It’s amazing that this Facial Massager & Cleanser is so functional, you can use it for everything! It’s just what you need when you think your face is clean. You can use it to clean your face even more or to just massage your face.

Would you like to try it?

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Lots of love.

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  1. Dit zou niks voor mij zijn. Mijn huid is enorm gevoelig. Wassen met een washandje kan soms al te grof/hard zijn voor mijn huis. Ik maak mijn gezicht eigenlijk alleen maar schoon met m’n handen en water. Soms een wattenschrijfje met cleanser, maar dan ben ik al zo rood als een vuurtoren.

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